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Get Involved: Volunteer & Sponsorship Opportunities

Ner Tamid - Connecting Jews to Torah and to Each Other

In today's world, Jews join synagogues for many reasons: to give their children a Jewish education and a Jewish identity, to attend services, to learn Torah, to meet with the Rabbi for spiritual reasons and to make friends with others in our Jewish community.  

One of the best ways to connect is to volunteer! Working on a common project or cause solidifies the bonds of friendship and brings us closer to the mitzvot of Torah.

Ner Tamid has a number of opportunities to step forward to make ours a better community. Keep reading for specifics...and let us know if you'd like to pitch in!


The Caring Committee

This committee reaches out to members who are ill, hospitalized, or having personal difficulties. If you'd like to donate an hour a month to this meaningful mitzvah making phone calls or in-person visits, we'd love to add to you the team!

Kitchen Volunteers for Shabbat/event prep or clean up 

This may take 10 or 15 minutes at the end of services or a Friday afternoon.

The Gala Committee

If you like to plan parties, this one is for you! We ndo everything from setting the theme to engaging sponsors, mailing invitations, decorating, and more! 

Hebrew School Support

Our Education Director Becky Bar-Lev Henning and her team would love to have parents support throughout this year. This could be volunteering at a Family Shabbat, prep for school projects, or supporting special events.


You read that right! We do our own laundry - so if you don't mind an extra load, bring home our kitchen towels or a bag of tablecloths after an event!

General Volunteers

You could find yourself grilling hot dogs, sorting items for our Rummage Sale, or any other need that pops up. If you just want to help where we need you, let us know!

What unique abilities can you share with us?

Can you speak on a topic, religious or secular? Show us how to make challah, organize a bowling or movie night? These are just a few ideas, but we'd like to know what you'd like to offer!

I'd like to help with:

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We are committed to providing the best we can for our community.This is made possible by generous donations and underwriting of expenses. These are a few opportunities to help our community flourish. If you have other ideas, contact us through the form above!














Sponsor a Kiddush lunch or Oneg Shabbat. Honor a yahrzeit or mark a special occasion by sponsoring a dessert oneg or kiddush lunch! We want to celebrate your simchas and honor your family milestones with you!

Cost is $150 for Kiddush and $75 for Oneg. Please contact the office for more details. (858 513-8330,


Sponsor ($250) or co-sponsor (suggested min. $54) a Family Shabbat. These monthly family-oriented Friday nights include a free community dinner.

Family Shabbat brings our families together as we welcome Shabbat, reflect on Jewish family life, and set our children on a Jewish path. Consider sponsoring your favorite holiday month or because a child or grandchild reached a milestone - graduated elementary school, scored their first goal, got their braces off! The opportunities to count and celebrate our blessings is endless!


Set up a scholarship! Are you passionate about Jewish education? For $1200/year, you could set up a scholarship for a child to attend our Hebrew school. Help a family in need, while ensuring the traditions and love of Judaism are passed from generation to generation. Or, sponsor our USY program! Youth director and programming costs could be offset by your generous annual sponsorship! If you loved USY, help our kids experience the fun & connection! L'dor v'dor!



Underwrite a recurring cost! There are many recurring operating costs to keep our shul running. From security and landscaping to songleaders & cantors, these important functions keep Ner Tamid safe, beautiful, and a great community to be part of! 

If you're interested in underwriting a recurring cost, please contact the office.

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