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Covid-19 Guidelines

Objectives & Summary

The Ner Tamid Health Guidelines are approved by the Ner Tamid Board of Directors, with input from the Ner Tamid COVID-19 Advisory Task Force (CATF) and public guidelines. We strive to maintain a safe/healthy environment for all congregants and visitors, of whatever age and health condition, erring on the conservative side in order to protect attendees to all Ner Tamid events. The guidelines will be updated as the pandemic evolves and additional information is obtained. Adjustments for special occasions will be considered if presented no later than 2 weeks in advance of the occasion, allowing the Board (and Covid Advisory Task Force) sufficient time for consideration and approvals.


- Proper masks, covering the nose and mouth at all times per CDC guidelines (no bandanas, gaiters) are to be worn while attending indoor activities. Masks are also required to be worn while attending outdoor activities when proper distancing cannot be maintained.

- Masks may be removed by fully vaccinated individuals when on the Bimah and distanced from other parties when leading prayer services, chanting Torah, chanting an Aliyah, etc., and briefly by all persons when actively eating or drinking.

- Those who are unvaccinated will be permitted to lead or chant from the bimah but must be masked the whole time.

Seating During Prayer Services

- Attendees are permitted to sit with relatives and with those with whom they regularly visit. Otherwise, attendees are to sit distanced from those with whom they do not regularly visit.

Vaccination Policy for Large Gatherings

- For attendance at large indoor activities (such as the Gala or other indoor sit down events), all vaccine eligible attendees are required to show proof of vaccination or a current negative COVID-19 test administered within the past 72 hours (PCR and Rapid Antigen tests acceptable). Attendees have the option of submitting their vaccination card (an image or facsimile) in advance, or they may present proof of vaccination on the day of attendance. The organizer of the event will be responsible for notification to guests and collecting the information for presentation to the synagogue if requested.

Reporting of COVID Infection/Positive Test

We request that anyone who suffers a COVID infection or a positive COVID test within two weeks of attending a Ner Tamid event report the fact to the Rabbi or a Board Member so that those with potential contact with an infection can take appropriate personal action. Disclosures of this type will remain anonymous at the reporter’s request. Notice of possible exposure will be sent to the Congregation at large.

Food Policy

- With the exception of kiddush during Shabbat services and snack during Hebrew School, for the present, we are generally not serving food.
- Exceptions to the food policy will be considered in advance of a special occasion.

1. Unrelated or “unbubbled” units of people sitting at a table shall keep proper distance (at least 6 feet) from other parties of unrelated and “unbubbled” groups.
2. Masks are to be worn at all times when not eating or drinking.
3. Avoid forming clustered lines for food. Please wait a farther distance from the food service table.

4. Masks are to be worn at all times when waiting on line for food or while walking to your table.

5. Eat/drink only when seated at your table, or distanced during kiddush.
6. Food should be individually wrapped or served by appropriate servers who will be gloved and masked.

7. Whenever possible, use our outdoor space for serving and eating.

The following are Ner Tamid’s COVID policies that aim to ensure the health and safety for all congregants and visitors to Ner Tamid events.

  • DO wear your mask properly, over both your nose and your mouth.
  • DO wear a proper mask--no bandanas or gaiters.

  • DO wear a mask all of the time when indoors at Ner Tamid.

  • You MAY take your mask off while reading or leading from the Bimah only if fully vaccinated.

  • You MAY briefly take your mask off while drinking or eating. Whenever possible, DO eat and drink outdoors.

  • DO wear a mask all of the time and keep appropriate distance from others if you are unvaccinated.

  • DO show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test (within 72 hours) when attending a large indoor event if requested.

  • DO sit only with those with whom you regularly have contact, and distance from others.

  • DO select seating using the chair positions we maintain, maintaining appropriate space between close contact groups. Please try to replace seats in original position when leaving.

  • DO report a positive COVID test to the Rabbi or a Board member so that those with potential contact with an infection can take appropriate personal action. Disclosures of this type will remain anonymous at the reporter’s request.

  • DO contact the Board, by contacting the office sufficiently in advance, for a review of a special event planning including details of any anticipated food service (no later than 2 weeks prior to any event).

  • DO check with the Office or Board if planning a large event, regarding vaccination requirement notification and maintaining proof of vaccinations or negative COVID-19 testing within 72 hours of any event for your invited guests for any large events.

  • DO act with respect and consideration of all congregants and visitors to ensure everyone's health and safety.

  • DO maintain safe distances indoors and outdoors at the SCHOOL, masking when not eating or drinking if in close approximation with others. When eating or drinking, be sure to maintain distance from others.

Sun, November 27 2022 3 Kislev 5783