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עוֹלָם חֶסֶד יִבָּנֶה
Olam chesed yibaneh
- Psalms 89:3

Our holy texts teach in Psalms 89:3 “Olam chesed yibaneh. (the world is built on lovingkindess).” If the world is fashioned with the underlying value of “lovingkindess,” then it certainly seems to be a wonderful value on which to build a community. At Ner Tamid, you will be embraced with just such an expression of lovingkindness.

We are a warm and inclusive community that celebrates the diversity of our members and a multiplicity of Jewish expression. Come as you are, and you will be welcomed with open and inviting arms. We pride ourselves on connecting Jews to each other and to Judaism in its many facets.

At Ner Tamid, it is our mission to connect Jews to Torah and to each other. We look forward to the opportunity and the blessing for us to make this happen together!

Adult B'nei Mitzvah Course

Our Adult B'nei Mitzvah class Starts February 8. Sign up today!

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Thu, January 27 2022 25 Shevat 5782