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Our Return To In Person Services

הֲשִׁיבֵנוּ יְהוָה אֵלֶיךָ וְנָשׁוּבָה חַדֵּשׁ יָמֵינוּ כְּקֶדֶם.

Turn us toward you, God, and we will return; Renew our days as they were before.

- Lamentations 5:21


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It is with great joy that we announce a return to in-person services at Ner Tamid!

In Person Services Will Start On May 21, 2021

Please refer to the below bullet pointed details for more specific information.

This past year has proven to be one of great adversity. While we strived to remain connected and to sustain one another through distanced activity, we are looking ahead, with great excitement, to reconnecting safely in-person.

We wish to express appreciation and gratitude to our COVID-19 Advisory Task Force who, with open hearts, have given freely of their time in sharing their medical and scientific expertise along with a profound compassion and care for our community friends and members. Our Task Force made and continues to make their recommendations with careful attention to the health and safety of our friends and members as their top priority.

With the guidance of our COVID Task Force, our Ner Tamid Board of Directors is happy to share our reopening plan.

We will begin our transition to in-person services towards the end of May at Friday night and Saturday morning Shabbat services, as well as Sunday morning minyans.  Specifically, in-person services will be held on the weekends of May 21-23, May 28-30, June 4-6, and June 11-13.

The COVID Task Force and the Board and Staff will continue to revisit and refine our policies and approach based on State and local conditions and State and county health guidance and legal requirements.  In part, we chose these dates as they precede June 15, a date announced by the State of California as the date when the color coded tiered system will be revisited and possibly revised or dismantled if conditions continue to improve in California and San Diego County. We are hopeful that, with potential new state guidelines, we may be able to enjoy the opportunity for an increase in gathering.

With an immensely increasing sense of hopefulness, we look forward to the opportunity to share community together in-person!

We greatly appreciate the importance of our community’s return to in-person services to each and every one of us. It is our strong desire to accommodate all who want to come. Although there is no guarantee that each person will get his or her top priority of services date attendance, we ask that you share your preferences in this form so we can ensure that we can accommodate your desires as best as we can. We are making it a top priority to organize the schedule of attendance so that all can come to services during these four weekends of Shabbat services and Sunday morning minyanim. 

  • Shabbat services (Friday night and Saturday morning) and Sunday morning minyanim (May 21-23, May 28-30, June 4-6, and June 11-13) will be held outdoors with a maximum attendance capped at 50 total persons. Currently, the state guidelines for houses of worship prohibit “singing and recitation” indoors, and we would prefer to invite our community to sing and pray with whole souls at full volume.
  • Advanced registration for Shabbat services (Friday evening and Saturday morning) will be required. We will also ask that you rank your preferences of Shabbat services dates. Should we reach the maximum capacity for a given service date(s), we will attempt to ensure everyone who wishes to attend may still have the possibility of attending their preferred service(s). We will email more information and the link to register for services in upcoming communications.
  • Each attendee will be required to wear a mask and maintain proper physical distancing.
  • We will require attendees to show proof of vaccination upon arrival by showing either the completed COVID-19 vaccination card or a photo of it. To ensure we are welcoming and including all community members, if you are not vaccinated against COVID-19, we invite you to attend services in-person and sit in a separate area or to take advantage of our online services as we will continue to use Zoom.
  • Children under 16 will be asked to stay with their parents, or they may congregate with other children in an area designated for children. This is to protect those adults who are unvaccinated from close contact with children who may have had greater exposure following a more robust return to in-person school and extracurricular activities. Parents will be expected to supervise their children closely for the safety of children and others.
  • As we return to in-person gatherings, we will have the protection of an armed security guard during our Shabbat services.
  • We have placed coverings over Rachel’s Tent for shade and added pop-up shade structures and canvas umbrellas in other areas. Although we are doing our best to provide more shade protection, we may not be able to cover the whole outdoor area with shade protection. If you have shade structures or umbrellas, we encourage you to bring them for shade coverage.
  • We will not yet host oneg or kiddush lunch, so we invite you to bring any snacks you would like should you need a nosh. We also encourage you to bring a filled water bottle.
  • The synagogue siddurim and chumashim will be available, but you are free to bring your own prayer books if you would like.

Connect with us on Shabbat  Virtually!

We are a warm, inclusive community that comes together in times of individual and community need. If you're looking for welcoming Jewish connection, we hope you find what you're looking for at Ner Tamid! 

We will continue to provide virtual gathering opportunities to ensure we are meeting our mission of connecting Jews to Torah and to each other. We hope to see you soon at one of our Zoom offerings! Please follow this link to contact the office for more information 

We are also posting updates & videos to our Facebook page ( Please connect with us there too!



Services from the comfort
of your home!

Please reach out and let us know how we can help you feel connected!

Rabbi Sammy's Torah (Cyber) Café


Tuesday evenings 6:30 PM 
Couldn’t we all use more Torah and community right about now
Grab a nosh and log on for learning and schmoozing with friends.
No prior knowledge needed. All learning levels are welcome.

For more information or to receive the link please contact the office here

Rabbi Sammy is sending out words of Torah, connected to current events regularly. If you would like to receive those emails and aren't currently, please contact us by phone (858) 777-0256 or email: connected!




COVID-19 Update: While our space is physically closed, we still want to share your simcha with you! Give us a call and let us know what's going on! We'd love to share it in our weekly newsletter.

Do you have something amazing in your life that you want to share with your Ner Tamid family? When life affirming events occur we want to share our good fortune with others!

New baby in the family? Job promotion? Birthday or Anniversary Milestone? We at Ner Tamid want to know and help you celebrate your Simcha.

Consider hosting or contributing to an Oneg or Kiddush. How about an Aliyah from the Bimah or announcement in the Peak? There are so many ways to share your joy and good fortune. 

Want to find out more? Call the office at 858-777-0256.

Make it your personal mitzvah to share your simcha and spread the happiness a little further.


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Sat, May 8 2021 26 Iyyar 5781