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Progressive, Mainstream Conservative Jewish Synagogue Perfect for Valley Center Jews

There is a wonderful, progressive and mainstream conservative synagogue not far from Valley Center, CA called Ner Tamid!

A number of Jews in Valley Center have found this great place to practice Judaism, to raise children in Judaism and maintain relations with fellow Jews.   We welcome people from all walks of life to join  in "bringing us closer to Torah and to each other."

Rabbi Nadav Caine is especially qualified to lead our community.  Rabbi Caine's first profession was in academia, where in specialized in critical analysis of religious texts and inter-religious studies, after graduation from the finest Ivy League universities.  

After approximately 10 years of university scholarship and teaching, Rabbi Nadav Caine entered the Jewish Theological Seminar and began a career as a mainstream, progressive, conservative rabbi.  He has served Ner Tamid for several years with a distinction that has helped us all grow in our faith and practice of Judaism.  More importantly, he and the congregation have grown together to express "Menchkite" - human decency. 

Our membership draws from a very broad segment of the American and International communities, with both Jewish and non-Jewish origins (as we are the home to many Jewish converts) and inter-faith couples. He is especially versed in early Christianity, which has been a big asset in speaking to the mindset and needs of both prospective converts and inter-married couples.

We welcome all without regard to personal lifestyles. We want everyone from Valley Center who wants to be a member of Ner Tamid to feel they have a place whatever their starting point was in life's religious and spiritual journey.

We are a completely egalitarian congregation with no "mechitzah" or separation of activities by sex.  You will see people of all ages, both male and female, actively involved in Torah, Talmud, as professional clergy and as lay activists in the congregation. 

Ask around.  I am sure you will find fellow congregants from Valley Center.  Perhaps you'll find or make a car-pool?  Housing and community preferences are one thing, but choice of a Jewish congregation to be a part of is an entirely different matter.  

Valley Center residents will enjoy our child and adult education programs,  our inspiring and participatory prayer and communal gatherings. Absolutely, come for the good cheer, fellowship and out of a sense of Jewish peoplehood. 

We all have our own unique story to tell and reasons for joining a Jewish congregation.  If you haven't been a member of a synagogue since childhood, maybe now is the time to come down from Valley Center, come home to Ner Tamid, where the eternal light of Judaism burns.  Renew the light for you and your family.

We strongly believe that anyone from Valley Center who is looking for a Jewish home will find one here at Ner Tamid.

Welcome to Ner Tamid, our "Eternal Light" in San Diego North County!

Would you like to learn more about membership, our Jewish school or our dear Rabbi Caine?

Mon, May 20 2019 15 Iyyar 5779