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Small Group Torah Study with Rabbi Caine

Rabbi Caine's Torah Study class focuses on the scriptural questions raised by our written and oral tradition.  Rabbi Caine poses possible solutions to these inherited puzzles that can apply to our daily, practical lives.  Rabbi Caine does a truly remarkable job of getting us to think, asking us how we each relate and react to the material.  Many times, very unique and interesting perspectives and interpretations emerge from our study group. 

Members of the study group have come away from these Torah Study sessions, not only understanding more about Torah and discovering its' relevancy, but there is no doubt that many friendships have formed and been enhanced by the Torah Study group.  At any given meet-up, you will likely see 10-25 of your congregants and friends, making for a cozy group with lots of ideas and feelings bouncing around the room and contributing to a meaningful discussion.   The nature of our discussions, addressing issues such as commitment, sacrifice, parental relations, social relations between groups, personal and group morality, all contribute to extremely special bonds that have emerged from this Torah Study group.  Attendees will tell you that they feel very privileged to be a part of this amazing activity here at Temple Ner Tamid. 

While meetings are  most often held in the rabbi's study, occasionally, we meet up at the rabbi's home.  We really appreciate Rabbi Caine and his wife, Lynn, for opening up their home for combined Torah Study and brunch.

There is no registration required.  All sessions are open to the public.  Come one, come all for fun and learning with Rabbi Caine.

We meet at 10:00am on Sundays when the Learning Center is also in session.  Classes are also held at announced dates and times during the summer.




Fri, August 17 2018 6 Elul 5778