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Sam S. Bloom Learning Center: Lots of Learning, Lots of Fun, Lots of "Nachas"

Sam S. Bloom Learning Center:Our Program-Three Main Goals

Hebrew Literacy

Two dozen words per year learned for speaking fluency:

Confident, continuous, comprehensible, creative speaking

Blessings and Prayers

Singing, understanding, pronouncing 

Hands-On Jewish Literacy

Torah plus!

Holidays and heritage

To use in ethical discussions and decision making

Come Learn with Us!


Our program is highly experiential, with an emphasis on interactive, engaging ways for our children to learn. Our mission is to instill Jewish values, teach a working understanding of Hebrew, and create Jewish community through a positive Jewish experience.


New Students Special 

Free Kindergarten and 1st Grade Tuition!

And free synagogue membership to new Kindergarten and 1st grade families for one year!

(you pay only a $180 registration fee)

Free "Catch-Up" Classes in the Summer

Free "catch-up" classes in Hebrew for new students in 2nd to 7th grade to acquaint students with the curriculum

Tuition for 2nd to 7th grade, twice a week Hebrew school : $950 per year ($1150 after July 1st), plus half priced-synagogue membership the first year (contact for more information on membership). 

New Programs 

Madrichim Program!

Currently open to 8th-10th graders, this program is both a learning and volunteering program. Madrichim self-direct Hebrew learning, and act as each other's teachers using prepared lesson plans. Madrichim then run the snack program at recess and help children with their Hebrew reading during Shirah and Tefillah. Madrichim then turn to students again, and finish the day with Torah study with Rabbi Sammy.

($250 tuition)

Hebrew for Parents and Other Adults

Parents will join the school for Hebrew learning, with self-directed Hebrew lessons. They will start with Book 1 of Hebrew Today, learning 36 words and 2 prefixes for speaking, and 45 letters and vowels for pronouncing. Current class of parents is working on Book 3. 

($36 per parent, $54 per other adults for year-long learning)

Mon, August 10 2020 20 Av 5780