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New Students Special 

Free Kindergarten and 1st Grade Tuition!

And free synagogue membership to new Kindergarten and 1st grade families for one year!

(you only pay a $180 processing fee)

Free "Catch-Up" Classes in the Summer

Free "catch-up" classes in Hebrew for new students in 2nd to 7th grade who register by August 15th.

Tuition for 2nd to 7th grade, twice a week Hebrew school : $950 per year, plus half priced-synagogue membership the first year (contact for more information on membership). 

Come learn with us!

The Ner Tamid approach to learning is fun, active, and meaningful. We want your kids to connect to their Judaism, understand what they are learning, and feel the community, so as they grow, they choose to be part of it!



The Sam S. Bloom Learning Center

ACTIVE LEARNING. Our program is highly experiential, with an emphasis on interactive, engaging ways for our children to learn. Our mission is to instill Jewish values, teach a working understanding of Hebrew, and create Jewish community through a positive Jewish experience.


WHY "LEARNING CENTER"? We are a Hebrew school, a religious school, a Torah school: a complete learning environment where children will learn the language, stories and history that constitute Judaism. We strive to create a fun, warm and welcoming learning environment where every child is learning at their level of ability, and can be lifted to higher levels. Our focus is on concrete learning through engaging student with a well-designed and meaningful curriculum. From concrete learning grows the ability to think critically, and use the material to understand the Jewish contribution to the world and to themselves.

Judaica, Holidays and Values

Our Judaica curriculum rotates through Torah study, learning about the holidays, and learning how these stories and holidays can have a positive effect in our personal life, family relationships and community relationships. In addition, each class 2nd through 7th grade, participates in a field trip that puts Mitzvah into action. For example, after learning about the Commandment of "Not Destroying" (Bal Tashchit), the students visit Annie's Farm to learn about how you can farm and raise food without wasting and destroying.

Hebrew Decoded

Not the "same old" Hebrew program. Truly innovative and fun. You will be amazed at how much our students enjoy learning Hebrew and how much they know and can do.

This year will be our fourth year instituting Hebrew Today. This program developed by Dr. Zev bar-Lev, an applied linguistics professor, uses methods he created based during his long career focused on language learning and language teaching.

Sat, August 19 2017 27 Av 5777