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The Peak of the Week: Family Service with Cara, Sababa Rosh Chodesh

The Peak for the week of 
August 18 - 24, 2017
26 Av - 2 Elul , 5777

This Week's Services

Friday, Aug 18, 6:30pm Family Service with Cara Freedman! (6pm Dinner)


Saturday, August 19 - 9:30 am

Parashat Re'eh, followed by Rabbi Shabatay presentation on "What Family Problems Do We Find in the Book of Genesis?"


Kiddush sponsored by Dr. Zev and Shoshana Bar-Lev, and Becky Henning in honor of BZ Henning's 18th Birthday and Bar Mitzvah Anniversary


Sunday, August 20-9:15am  Minyan.




Thank you to Rabbi Caine for representing us at the

No Place for Hate rally,

and to the many Ner Tamid members who joined him! 


Thank you to Polly & Roger Mandel for their help in the office

and to Myla Stoke Kelly for her additional help on Shabbat during Jamie's absence!



In honor of my mother, Edna Hecht's, yahrzeit by Merrill Gill.


In memory of my husband, Bernard Weisberg, by Roslyn Weisberg


In memory of my diseased nephew Stuart's untimely death, by Diana Finkelstein.


Ladies of Ner Tamid!


We're taking Ner Tamid on the road again! Have you been to Sababa Kitchen yet? It's in the new Del Sur shopping center near Sprouts, 16415 Paseo Del Sur, 92127. It's DELICIOUS.  They also have live music, so we'll get some entertainment (besides ourselves ;-)


Join me Thursday, August 24 at 6pm.  We'll be out on the patio, so you might want to bring a sweater. I'd appreciate RSVPs (to, but feel free to show up unannounced. :)     L'shalom, Marisa

Coming Up


with soloist Kevin McKenzie!


Next Friday Night's Service will feature Cantorial Soloist Kevin McKenzie, son of our own Jamie Nadel, prior to his departure for cantorial studies in Jerusalem!  Friday night, August 25, 6:00pm food, 6:30 pm service.  More details coming this week!


Poker and Mahjong Night at Rafi & Shuli's house:  Saturday night, August 26, 6pm.


Guided Imagery Meditation

is coming to Ner Tamid!

Guided Imagery Meditation is a gentle and relaxing technique that focuses the attention and imagination on a peaceful setting. Also known as visualization, this practice is not only wonderful for relaxation but can also help with many other concerns such as stress and/or anxiety. Please join me for one, two, or all three of the upcoming sessions that I’ll be guiding on September 17th, October 8th, and October 22nd. Each session is 30 minutes and begins at 9:15am. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to ensure comfort, and please reach out to me should you have any thoughts or questions.


If you’re interested in learning more, a great (and straight to the point) resource can be found here:


Sessions are donation-based; all proceeds will go to Ner Tamid.

Shalom, Gigi Cohen


Free Kindergarten and 1st Grade Tuition, and free synagogue membership to new Kindergarten and 1st grade families for one year! (you only pay a $180 processing fee).

Free "Catch-Up" Classes in the Summer

Tuition for 2nd to 7th grade, twice a week Hebrew school : $950 per year, plus half priced-synagogue membership the first year of membership

contact for more information about the school

contact for more information on membership

Congregant looking for DRIVING help

"I am looking for someone to transport my four kids during the school year from Kearny Mesa to Poway for 2-3 days a week. It's in the afternoon at 3:30."  Contact the office.

Around San Diego



Girls Give Back is a unique teen leadership program for girls grades 9-12. Participants have the opportunity to meet local female leaders, learn about issues of gender equity, sharpen leadership skills, run an advocacy blog, and design and implement projects to improve the community. They're now accepting applications for the 2017/2018 school year.  Apply by August 31 to join us this fall! Get started at:


Questions?  Daria Tomsky, Girls Give Back Coordinator (858) 637-3042 |




Jewish Community Day at Petco Park is coming up on Sunday, August 20 vs. Washington Nationals at 1:40pm. As part of the event this year, synagogues and Jewish organizations will have the opportunity to staff a Community Table during the pre-game social event in the Park at the Park, based on a minimum ticket commitment. We'd love to get to 20 from Ner Tamid!  The lowest priced tickets are $22, which includes a hot dog and a hat, if we order by July 20, and they go up from there.  Our point person is our member Doug Bergman at




Temple Adat Shalom's Action for Social Justice Committee will be hosting a Lunch, Panel Discussion and Screening of the Movie "Gender Revolution" on August 13, 2017 from 12:30-3 pm. The movie has Katie Couric exploring changing notions of gender.  Ner Tamid members are invited.  Register on the TAS website (click here).




The 11th Annual Women's Weekend will take place October 20th-22nd, 2017.


Shabbat Learning Opportunities


Biweekly Presentations by Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Shabatay featuring popular topics from his legendary, popular course at SDSU on "Exploring the Bible:"


July 8: How Do We Define "The Bible"?

July 22: What Are the Differences Between the Two Creation Stories?

August 5: How Did Abraham Influence Each of the Monotheistic Religions?
August 19: What Family Problems Do We Find in the Book of Genesis?


Biweekly Talmud Study continues on August 26 and Sept 2 at Noon!  Study Talmud --no background necessary-- following services on Saturday with David Hardoon, Rabbi Caine and Becky Henning!

Lifecycle events

Birthdays: Myla Stokes Kelly, Yousef Shemirani, Roslyn Weisberg, Andrew Noorollah, Shayne McCool-Peller.

Anniversaries: Vicki & Jerry Polansky.

Yahrzeits: Bernie Weisberg (husband of Roslyn), Edward Langston (son of Debbie Delaney).

Refuah Shleimah: Patty Thomas, Josh Burns, April Stokes, Michah Ilan ben Kalanit Sarah, Devorah bat Elishava, Jo Rundio, Sura Elka bas Chaiaka, Ze'ev ben Avner v' Shoshanna, Nechama Ita bat Zlata Chaya, Gary Philips, Addison Barrios, Leon Lazarus (Leon ben Soreh Leah), Maureen Kahn, Gloria Goldstein, Arthur Oberman, Christina bat Norma, Len Goldberg, Chaim Zeleg Ha-Levi ben Shayna, Leonard Greenberg, Jarrod ben Maxine, Maryann Klein, Thelma Press, Marsha Alper (Masha bat Nehama Ella), Nancy Linton, Rick Harris, Jack Frank, Charles Clark, Oizer ben Rivka,  Adrian Shaffler, Michael Gottlieb, Jessica bat Jean, Brian ben Alice, Jonah Joseph ben Reuven, Ziva Gavriella bat Sarah, Moshe ben Miriam

We continue to remember:  Andrea Ohman, Estelle Isaacson, Gerald Greenfield, A. Bernard Rapaport, Emil Yassy, Mary Powell, Evelyn Grossman, Lorraine Blostein, Larry Cooperman, Gale Kloeffler, Lidia Ribak, Marty Magaziner, Howard Eichenbaum.

Ner Tamid Synagogue

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Administrative Director Jamie Nadel

Sam S. Bloom Principal Becky Henning



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