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Happy Mothers' Day, Women of Ner Tamid!


Women of Ner Tamid,

Happy Mothers' Day - whether you are celebrating this day as a mother, grandmother, aunt, or daughter, I am thankful to have you as part of our community - many of you have become the cherished friends, confidants, and mentors whom I consider part of my family. 

My mom, sister, Fiona, and I will be hiking tomorrow morning, then coming home to my dad and Jon making us brunch (including the best Bloody Marys....future Rosh Chodesh theme? :) I hope you have something equally fun & relaxing planned.

I look forward to seeing many of you soon. We are planning our late May Rosh Chodesh at Diana Finkelstein's (date TBD) and although we usually take a summer break, I'm planning to host a mid-summer it's-not-actually-Rosh-Chodesh at my house on Saturday night, July 22nd. Email with more details coming next week.

I wish you all a peaceful, joyous Mothers' Day!

Shavua tov!
858 753-8820


Do you want to become a Rosh Chodesh leader? This involves keeping track of Rosh Chodesh and finding hosts each month. Then, you send an invite to the women of Ner Tamid. Easy, peasy! If you're interested, please contact the office.

What is Rosh Chodesh? Rosh Chodesh is our women's group at Ner Tamid. We meet monthly, usually in a member's home, and we are a very welcoming, casual group. If you are a woman of Ner Tamid - veteran or newbie, young or old - I encourage you to join us!




Thu, January 21 2021 8 Shevat 5781