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Rancho Penasquitos Jews Discover Progressive, Mainstream Conservative Jewish Synagogue

Rancho Penasquitos Jews are discovering a wonderful, progressive and mainstream conservative synagogue nearby.  It is called Ner Tamid, "The Eternal Light."  Ner Tamid is just a few minutes away from you and in the middle of "Poway Unified School District."

You will be amazed and gladdened to find so many fellow Jews and inter-faith families who are strengthening their roots within this Jewish community,  practicing a living Judaism, raising children in Judaism and renewing their sense of Jewish Peoplehood.   We welcome everyone, from all walks of life to join in "bringing us closer to Torah and to each other."

Rabbi Sammy Seid, a recent graduate of the Zeigler Jewish school of rabbinical studies, a native of Southern California, is here, as we all are, to welcome you with open arms, love and support, wherever your station of Judaism is or if you are just now beginning your journey is studying the possibilities that Judaism holds for you. You can count on Rabbi Sammy Seid to inspire us in our tradition and in "Menchkite" - human decency and good will.

You will discover that the membership of Ner Tamid come from a broad segment of the American and International communities, with both Jewish and non-Jewish origins.  We are the home to many Jewish converts and inter-faith couples. Rabbi Caine's prior academic training has been a big asset in speaking to the mindset and needs of both prospective converts and inter-married couples.

We are a completely egalitarian congregation with no "mechitzah" or separation of activities by sex.  You will see people of all ages, both male and female, actively involved in Torah, Talmud, as professional clergy and as lay activists in the congregation.

We welcome all without regard to personal lifestyles. We want everyone from Rancho Penasquitos who wants to be a member of Ner Tamid to feel they have a place.  Whatever your starting point, we are here as one Jewish people, to join you in your life's religious and spiritual journey.

As residents within the "Poway Unified School District," surely you will want to join up with the best, most joyful and positive Jewish community so close to Rancho Penasquitos that you could almost walk or bicycle ride to us!  By joining a neighborhood synagogue, your children will find Jewish friends in their local schools they might otherwise miss.

You will enjoy our child and adult education programs, our inspiring and participatory prayer and communal gatherings. Come for the good cheer, fellowship and out of a sense of Jewish peoplehood.  Make a Jewish future for your children right here where you live!

We all have our own unique story to tell and reasons for joining a Jewish congregation.  If you haven't been a member of a synagogue since childhood, maybe now is the time to come home to Ner Tamid.  Renew the light for you and your family.  You are so close that you can stop in the next time you are shopping in Carmel Mountain.

We strongly believe that anyone from Rancho Penasquitos who is looking for a Jewish home will find one here at Ner Tamid.

Welcome to Ner Tamid, our "Eternal Light" in San Diego North County!

Would you like to learn more about membership, our Jewish school ?

Thu, October 28 2021 22 Cheshvan 5782