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Welcome to Rabbi Search 2019! 

For our Rabbi Search, our hope is to keep you – current and potential members – informed about our progress through this year-long process.

Thank you to the 68 members who responded to our congregation survey!  Another thank you to everyone who participated in our focus group series, which ended on November 5th. The Search Committee is in the process of understanding and summarizing all your input so we can create a compelling job description for our rabbi search. Before Thanksgiving, we will send our members a summary of this input and a reminder of the rabbi search timeline and next steps. Please keep reading for more info about the process.

Let us answer a few basic questions:

  • Why are we doing a rabbi search?

After 11 years, our previous rabbi took a new position for a variety of personal and professional reasons. We appreciate all he did through his Ner Tamid tenure and wished him the best as he moved on to his next professional step.

  • What are we doing in the interim?

We are blessed to have found Cantor Caitlin Bromberg, San Diego native recently returned, to lead us during this year. Cantor Bromberg is our interim spiritual leader, and you are welcome to contact her for any reason you would have previously contacted the rabbi. Her depth of knowledge and passion for Judaism are inspiring. We encourage you to get to know her.

  • How long does this take?

We anticipate making an offer to a candidate in the spring (March/April) with the next rabbi starting July 2019.

  • How do you hire a rabbi?

Through the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ) and associated Rabbinical Assembly (RA). There is a very structured process that all affiliated Conservative synagogues are required to participate in or request a waiver. Likewise, Conservative rabbis affiliated with the RA must apply to jobs only through this process or request a waiver. You can learn more about this process and timeline here [link].

  • Didn’t we disaffiliate from USCJ?

We dis-affiliated about 5 years ago based on financial reasons. To access the best candidate pool, we have decided to re-affiliate and use the Conservative movement’s standard process. We will revisit our membership with USCJ upon completion of our rabbi search.

  • What do I do if I have more questions?

Anyone on the Search Committee or the Ner Tamid Board of Trustees would be happy to answer your questions or address any concerns.

Next, let’s talk about how you can participate in this process.

We think it’s critical to the success of our rabbi search that you – yes, you! – play an active role. There are 4 key ways for you to participate:

1)  The initial action all members can take is to fill out the survey.

We will send out after High Holidays. This survey to all members (we’d love to hear from every single adult and teen in the congregation!) is about the future of Ner Tamid:

What do you want in a synagogue?

What kind of role does a rabbi play in that.

What is the best thing NT does?

What is the one thing you wish we did better?

With these answers, we will have a lot of data from which to fill out the “Congregational Questionnaire” which gets posted with our job listing.

2)  You can also participate in focus groups.

Our consultant Heidi Gantwerk will be facilitating focus groups, both small group (by invitation) and town hall style (open to all), to follow up on the survey answers and help us build consensus. We’ll bring the snacks; you bring the opinions.

3)  Once the search committee interviews candidates and narrows the candidate pool to finalists, we will have weekend visits.

These weekend visits will be like those we did with the interim spiritual leader search. These visits will provide multiple opportunities to interact with the candidates – services, events, and Q&A.

4)  After each visit, we will send a feedback survey.

We want to know your perspective on the candidate! The search committee will review all survey results before making their recommendation to the Board.

We invite you to read through this information and check back at least monthly for updates. We hope to see you often through this process and look forward to planning the future of Ner Tamid with you!

Ner Tamid Rabbi Search Committee Ner Tamid Board of Trustees

Mon, January 21 2019 15 Shevat 5779