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                  Frequently Asked Questions

When are services?
   7:00pm Friday night Services (6:30pm on Second Friday of the Month during the School Year for Family Shabbat)
  9:30am Shabbat morning Services
  9:30am Sunday morning Minyan

Can anyone attend?

Yes, with the exception of certain High Holy Day services, everyone is always welcome!

How Much Are High Holy Day Tickets?

Anyone can have free High Holiday tickets (in advance) for one year.  We want you to experience our way of taking that reflective and musical journey together in the hopes that you will decide to join us as a member.  Beyond one year, tickets for those aged 30 and under are always free, and those above are $180 apiece.

If I am not a member, can I have my lifecycle event (bris/baby naming/ wedding/funeral) at Ner Tamid?

Absolutely! If you would like to speak to someone about Rabbi Sammy officiating your event, please contact the office at, call 858 513-8330, or stop by during office hours! We'd love to meet you and help celebrate your simhas and support you in your losses.

What makes Ner Tamid different from other congregations?

Ner Tamid is a smaller congregation, and we pride ourselves on being friendly and welcoming to newcomers and guests. 

Our sanctuary is built on the edge of a canyon with spectacular views.  In warmer weather we hold Friday night services on our patio, which allows us to worship in the splendor of God's creation.

Are you Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, or Something Else?

  • We are a Conservative synagogue:  
  • We proudly use the new Lev Shalem prayerbook and Etz Chayyim chumash
  • Our practices are compatible with standards set by the CJLS.  
  • At the same time, our goal is to bring people closer to Jewish tradition, not any one version of it.  
  • We are committed to the principle that it is improper to create a hierarchy that dictates which parts of Judaism are "higher" than others or count as "observance" of its mitzvot.  
  • A commitment to Israel, Jewish history, Torah study, or gemilut chasadim (ethical acts) is no less important or holy than one's level of kashrut, one's ability to read Hebrew, or whether one drives to synagogue.  
  • We accept and embrace that all Jews are "religious" when you stop defining that term according to one picture.  We are stronger as a people when we realize that we need all of us to accomplish the myriad goals of Torah.

Kashrut, Kitchen and Facility Rental Policies

We would love you to choose Ner Tamid for your next simcha!  To preserve the integrity of our kitchen, and to cover the synagogue's cost for staff and cleaning, we have established these Catering and Kitchen Policies.

Potluck Policies

Because of our food policies, much of the food we serve is purchased/prepared by Ner Tamid volunteers and staff in our kitchen.  Occasionally, we hold a potluck and members and friends are gracious enough to bring in food.  Before you do that, please look at the Ner Tamid Potluck Guide:

  • "Food items must be pareve or dairy.  Please read the ingredients to determine that none of the following are listed: meat broth, chicken broth, shrimp, porcine gelatin, lard, "shortening" (that doesn't specify "vegetable"), caviar, or carmine, cochineal extract or natural red 4.  (We allow animal rennet, per the Code of Jewish Law.)
  • Potluck items may not enter the kitchen.  Bring your items to the lobby area when you arrive. 
  • Please include a card with each food item identifying the ingredients used, for kashrut as well as for reasons of diet and food allergies (for home made items, also include your name in case anyone would like the recipe!)
  • Ner Tamid will provide disposable utensils for serving. 
  • When choosing a food item to contribute, try to be mindful of special diets (vegan, gluten-free, diabetic) and common food allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, etc.).
  • Take your leftovers home.  The kitchen facilities will not be available for clean-up or food storage of potluck items.
  • Any questions or concerns, please contact the Office at 858-513-8330.
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