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Thank you for a wonderful evening and a successful fundraiser!

Fiesta & Farewell

We had a mariachi band to welcome us, delicious dinner, dancing,  raffle prizes all night, and more! A beautiful evening out to celebrate & support our wonderful Ner Tamid community!


Tribute to Rabbi Nadav Caine

Like many other people who have had the good fortune to wander up this hill, I found everything I was looking for in a community – and an informal, personal approach I didn’t know could exist in a synagogue.
So much of what this community is comes from the people who built it and who continue to build it. It is a blessing for us to count you among those people. Your vision to make Ner Tamid the best version of itself has led us forward over the last 11 years, and we are better for it.

Your personal touch brings Torah to us in a practical, modern way. Your welcoming approach means diverse families & friends feel comfortable at their son’s/nephew’s/friend’s bar mitzvah. It means questioning Jews can bring you their questions and find thought provoking answers. It means potential Jews by choice have a compassionate, insightful teacher to pursue Jewish learning with. Your go-out-of-your-way-even-to-the-point-of-crazy approach means those most in need know they can turn to you, and you set an example for the rest of us. Your insightful counseling brings comfort in time of unemployment, divorce, or loss. Your love for and teaching of our children in a way that “intrigues” them (Fiona’s words) helps us raise kids who are interested in their own Judaism.
We often talk about being a do it yourself or DIY synagogue, and you have been a DIY rabbi. You have rolled up your sleeves right along with us, no matter the need. New Tamid has been your community as much as it has been ours.
That became increasingly clear to me as I put together the book of photos & tributes over the last week. I will let those photos and words tell the rest of the story. 

Click here to go to the slideshow.

Your Ner Tamid legacy is that you are woven into the stories of each our of families. You have brought us closer together. You have brought us closer to Torah. Thank you.


Thanks for a great night!

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Tue, July 17 2018 5 Av 5778