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 Sam S Bloom Learning Center

Come learn with us! The Ner Tamid approach to learning is fun, active, and meaningful.

We want your kids to connect to their Judaism, understand what they are learning, and feel the community.

So as they grow, they choose to be part of it!  

Why “Learning Center”?
We are a Hebrew school, a religious school, a Torah school: a complete learning environment where children will learn the language, stories and history that constitute Judaism. We strive to create a fun, warm and welcoming learning environment where every child is learning at their level of ability, and can be lifted to higher levels. Our focus is on concrete learning through engaging students with well-designed and meaningful curriculum. From concrete learning grows the ability to think critically, and use the material to understand the Jewish contribution to the world and to themselves. 


This year, will be our second year instituting “Hebrew Today.”  

Want to learn Hebrew fast in a fun and unintimidating setting? Do you wish you could speak Hebrew while also learning to read and understand it?
“Hebrew Today” is a new program that will do exactly that. Developed by Dr. Zev bar-Lev, an applied linguistics professor, the methods he created are based on his long career in language learning and language teaching. 

Judaica, Holidays and Values

Our Judaica curriculum will rotate through Torah study, learning about the holidays, and learning how these stories and holidays can have a positive effect in our personal life, family relationships and community relationships.


New in the 6th and 7th grade

Have you ever wondered where the Haftarah that a Bar/Bat-Mitzvah chants comes from? What about the Maftir and
Torah portion? More importantly have you ever wondered why after 8 years of Hebrew school, students still need intense private tutoring to prepare for their Bar/Bat-Mitzvah? 

First Day of School: Writing Our Name with Something Sweet.

First Grader on the First Day of School Writing Her Name in Honey

Kindergartener and his Chanukah project.