ACTIVE LEARNINGOur program is highly experiential, with an emphasis on interactive, engaging ways for our children to learn.  Our mission is to instill Jewish values, teach a working understanding of Hebrew, and create Jewish community through a positive Jewish experience.

    HEBREW DECODED Not the "same-old" Hebrew program. Truly innovative and fun. You will be amazed at how much our students enjoy learning Hebrew and how much they know and can do.

    Within the Ner Tamid
    community are traditional
    Jews & secularists, children & seniors, families & singles, straight & gay, Jews by birth & Jews by choice, Interfaith families & Jews returning to their roots.

    We are proud of our diversity.

    Is Ner Tamid?

    Sam S. Bloom Learning Center




                 family oriented





    15318 Pomerado Road. Poway, CA 92064  858 513-8330

    To connect Jews to Torah

    and to each other

    What does this mean?  Our world is increasingly secular.  Our time is taken up, stolen perhaps, by the rush of incoming messages and available distractions: email, social media, television and cable, sports, work and many, many more activities.

    Ner Tamid offers a community where Judaism doesn't have to fight to be felt.  Through services and the study of Torah, through activities and social gatherings, through the Learning Center, we can explore our identities as Jews; individually and together. 

    Within the Sam S Bloom Learning Center is the Laura B. Friedman Library.  Our volumes on Judaism range from preschool picture books to history, research and novels.