B'nei Mitzvah Handbook

This is the entire B'nei Mitzvah Handbook for your reference.  It is not necessary to print out each page.   We've broken out some of the sections you may find yourself referring to frequently below. 

The Honors List

Just a few days before your family's B'nei Mitzvah you will meet with Rabbi Caine. This serves as a chance to take pictures, since you cannot take them during Shabbat.  You will have a 'dress rehearsal' in the Sanctuary, so everyone knows what to expect, and the Rabbi will go through the Honors with you.  If you have not already done so, please print out this Honors List sheet and give some thought to which family members and friends you'd like to honor.  When you meet with the Rabbi, you can discuss it with him so everyone is literally! on the same page.

Sample B'nei Mitzvah Program

You may wish to make a program to guide your guests, Jewish and non-Jewish, through the service. You can also take this opportunity to thank those who have helped the B'nei Mitzvah student reach this day. You can omit this program, or make it as elaborate or simple as you like. This Sample B'nei Mitzvah Program serves as a guide to the material you may want to include.

The B'nei Mitzvah Contract

And finally, to make clear the responsibilities the entire family and not just the B'nei Mitzvah student must uphold, here is the Contract you must sign for the Rabbi.  

Sat, June 24 2017 30 Sivan 5777